Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally got my pickup sqiuared away.

I got clouted last September and I took an alternative route. I personally went after the person that hit me's insurance company and they agreed to pay, circumventing my insurance people and keeping my record clean.

I took it to the best auto body shop in town and they did me right, however there was a snag.

The cab mount bolts were not tightened and I had to take it back the next day to have it checked out and have them retightened. All in all a small blunder on their part.

I yakked with a couple of the guys and figured out what happened.

During the disassembly phase of the operation the boss pulled one guy off of the job and put another guy on the job. The second guy had to pick up on what the first guy did and overlooked it.

One of the things I have to do as a manager is to get two people to coordinate well and it's hard to do this.

Sometimes the best thing is simmply to give one man a job and let him do it, start to finish.

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