Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is the weekend after Thanksgiving and Neighbor Bob

is starting to get ready for Christmas.

I hope he fools his neighbor like he did last year and I'll bet that he does.

Come Christmas, Bob sometimes gets his name changed by the neighborhood. Everyone starts referring to him as Griswold because he often lights his place up so you can see it from outer space.

A couple of years ago he had his house upgraded to 200 amp service, as a lot of these older houses only have 100 Amp service.

Now, you have to remember that the people next to him have a very serious case of Keeping Up With tht Joneses and if Bob gets a super sized inflatable snowman that his next doors have to get one too. It annoys Bob to a certain extent.

The Christmas after he got 200 Amp service he went hog wild so the neighbor, aping him, went out and got a boatload of lights and set them up to outdo Bob. They set them up and it sure looked like Bob was going to be beaten soundly in the neighborhood Christmas light contest.

Until light up night.

Light up night was a sight to behold. We got more lights than we expected.

Bob's neighbor had overloaded the circuits in his house so badly that the old style fuses started blowing and the idiot replaced the fuses with pennies.

The unexpected lights came from the fire department when the jerk started an electrical fire in his basement.

Shortly after, Bobs neighbor upgraded to 200 Amp service and last year managed to keep up with Bob.

A week ago Bobs neighbor ran into me and asked me what Bob was up to for Christmas this year and I told her he had all of these wild plans of inflatable Santas and snowmen and a sleigh on the roof ad nauseum.

Thinking she had Bobs master plan, she and her husband went out and bought MORE Christmas stuff. They'll start decorating this weekend.

Of course, I told Bob about what I did and he now has a pretty good master plan.

He's going to put a wreath on the door and call it good.

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