Monday, November 29, 2010

Something pretty neat happened to me last evening.

One of my neighbors is much younger than I am and he is raising three kids. The oldest is an eight year-old boy, the youngest is a three year old girl.

The little girl as really shy so I don’t kid her the way I do the older kids. I respect her shyness.

Anyway, the family was out on the lawn doing their Christmas light thing and there were the kids helping, which mean that they were getting in the way. It’ll be a few more years before they are really able to help.

Letting kids that age get in the way is really just making an investment toward the future. When you invest the time to train them young it isn’t long before they actually do start helping out.The eight year old was now trained well enough so as to be pretty helpful

They had just finished putting the lights on a tree and the middle child, a daughter, wanted to go across the street and look at the finished tree. The two younger ones are not permitted on the street without an adult.

The father told the daughter to wait a minute, as he was untangling a string of lights, so I offered. The grateful father agreed, so I took her hand.

The little one suddenly didn’t want to be left behind, so she overcame her shyness and ran up and took my hand. The three of us walked across the street and looked at the tree.

Her shy little face lit up brighter than the tree did.

It is only a little thing, but sometimes little things are priceless.

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  1. As a stay at home dad of 2 girls, ages almost 5 and almost 3, this is a great story.

    You are a great neighbor and a great American.

    Thank you for sharing.