Saturday, November 6, 2010

One thing that makes me laugh is a cheapskate

The most recent one I have heard of yet is a guy that hired someone to pour him a walkway.

The billing was supposed to be for time and materiels and when the contractor arrived he asked the clown where his garden hose was so he could start mixing concrete. The idiot homeowner got uppity and explained to the contractor that he was supposed to supply his own water.

The contractor simply said 'no problem' and sent his assistant back to get their water trailer, fill it and bring it to the job site.

Of course, the homeowner had to pay for the assistants time and also the water that the contractor charged for at the rate of about a buck a gallon or maybe more.

The homeowner was worried about his water bill going up, I suppose. Of course, he didn't think about the pennies he was saving in his water bill would become dollars paid out to the contractor.

Cheapskates generally never do come out ahead.

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