Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let's get away from politics

for a while and I'll tell you what is going on outside at this time.

It is windy and the halibut are now feeding on the surface. There are a lot of them out there, more than I can count.

Now anyone that has been to sea knows that on windy days halibut and flounder feed off the surface because the wind blows a lot of edible things off of the land.

When a halibut spots something on the surface, he sneaks up on it and at the last minute he springs out of the water to leap down on his prey. They are incredibly quick fish and move like a flash.

As anyone knows, halibut have eyes on top of their head and can't see what they are landing on so they do a quick flip and go white belly up while then pounce on the prey. From a boat you can see a halibuts white belly from a good distance off.

So, those white things you see on the surface on windy days are halibut bellies as they feed on the surface.

Bet you never knew that.

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