Monday, November 22, 2010

It is early today and yesterday Neighbor Bob and I drove through Ohio for a bit.

It was a little Sunday drive of sorts and I can tell you that when you cross the PA-Ohio line yoou know the difference almost right away.

The roads derastically improve and there seemms to be a lot less trash laying about.

When you are going through the small towns and farm areas you sense that you are entering the heartland.

We were traveling on a Sunday morning and noticed that the churches seemed to be well attended.

There was another thing I noticed, too, that really gave away the values of the state. A couple of times I saww signs along the road naming a stretch of it after a local GI that has been killed in action during the war on terrorism. I could tell that these were from the war on terrorism because they were fairly new signs.

Ohio seems to be a place where the small towns share the tragedy of the death of one of it's members. These signs seemed to be near the smaller towns where the loss of a friend or neighbor is felt through the entire town, as the nearer we got to a larger city the liklihood of seeing a sign like that diminished.

I suppose it cost me a few bucks worth of gasoline to take the drive, but it was worth it to see some pretty country and the values of this country on display.

Come spring when the farms start growing things I'm going to make the drive again.

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