Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sikh joins the army (Hooah!)

On an internet forum there was a thread over the fact that the Army has given the OK for a Sikh to wear a beard and turban with his uniform. It is a good thing that all the griping was in the form of writing because my ears would have been beaten to death.

Now, this is nothing new. I remember seeing a picture of a Sikh in uniform wearing a turban with his uniform back in the 70s so this is really a rehash of a rehash because back then it caused quite a few raised eyebrows.

Unlike a lot of todays whiners that do something like enlist and then demand their right to wear something or do something, this guy played by the rules. He asked first.

The Army looked at his guy and his request and told him they would accept him if he could prove certain things pertaining to the mission. He had to be able to wear a helmet and his beard had to be able to wear a gas mask and haave the mask seal against his face.

I guess he made some sort of turban that would fit under a helmet and figured out a way to seal a gas mask so the Army said he was good to go. He was accepted for enlistment and is presently serving.

I don't have a problem with this guy whatsoever.

I suppose the pompous parade ground types are all worked up and clucking like a bunch of wet hens, but that's just too damned bad. In fact, watching a bunch of parade ground type bellyache about how their beloved army was going to hell in a handbasket would be music to my ears. I don't have a whole lot of time for those types, anyway. The mission of the Army isn't to look good in parades, it is to defend the country. I could care less about parades and so what if a Sikh sticks out like a sore thumb in one by wearing a turban.

In fact, I think it would be pretty neat to see. What a way to show the world that this country is a conglomeration of almost all races, colors and creeds.

It has been reported to me over the past few years that the Iraqis and ths Afghans marvel over how the United States military consists of just about every race, creed and color available on the planet earth. I have heard that a lot of other people overseas have had the same reaction. To some people unfamiliar with the United States this comes as a quite a shock.

The Sikhs come from a warrior culture and as such, reports I have had regarding the few I have heard about are that these people make excellent soldiers. Good men are hard to come by and I certainly am glad that these people want to serve with us because I really do not want to have people like this against us.

To the Sikhs in service, all I have to say is that I'm glad to have them. Serve proudly and don't let us down. I know you won't.


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