Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One of the things that gets people disgusted are the

two parties we have.

In the previous post I mentioned that the two parties are the parties of the rich and the party of the low-life. There's something to be said there.

The Democrats want to give everything away and the Republicans want to get the rich richer at the expense of everyone else.

Nobody represents the working guy and part of it is that we reaally don't have working guys in office. Most of the people that run for office are fairly well to do lawyers instead of working plumbers of small businessmen.

When the Dems see a pile of money somewhere they want to take if from whoever earned it so they can give it to someone else that didn't earn it. They do this by taxing the entity that has the money.

The Republicans, however tend to try and let big business get away with murder, often at the expense of the working stiff.

Neither of these are right.

Somewhere along the line there has to be a better way.

I believe the Founding Fathers never invisioned career-type politicians running the country. I think they invisioned people with businesses and farms taking a period of their careers doing whatever to pull a term as a senator, representative, whatever as a public service and then return to their business or farm or whatever.

While I can't see a working plumber taking time off as he can't afford it, I can see the owner of a successful plumbing shop doing a term in public office.

I'd just bet that a guy like that would at least have a clue as to what its like to raise a couple of kids while working for a living simply because that's exactly what he's doing.

During WW2 there were quite a number of people that put aside their businesses to become Dollar-a-year men. There were also a number of people in various enterprises that took temporary wartime commissions to bring their expertise to the services. There ranged from supply, transportation, logistics even public relations.

These people believed in public service.

Instead, these kind of people have been replaced by a gang of slick talking laywers that can't do squat.

What happened yesterday is that the people got sick and tired of the Democrats giving everything away and shoving things down our throats that they voted Republican out of sheer frustration.

Guess what? When the Republicans fail to get anything done, THEY will be booted out of office and the pendulum will swing the other way again.

I have hear a number of people say "Boot 'em all out".

I tend to agree. We ought to do just that in '12 and replace them with a bunch of normal people and see what happens then.

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