Monday, November 8, 2010

Some poor baby got shot. Too bad.

I was just reading on an internet forum that some guy got shot trying to break into somebodys house.

I really don't have a whole lot against the guy that did the shooting. It sounded like a good shoot to me.

What got to me was the guy that started in on how every life is sacred and the preservation of all life is so all fired important. I suppose he has some kind of point, but how about taking abother tack.

The homeowner has a life, too. He certainly doesn't want to give it to the thug that is breaking into his house and very well may cause him serious injury or death. He has a right to live, too, and he certainly isn't out there trying to do another person dirt. He's just simply trying to get a good night's sleep.

Apparently the man breaking into the house really didn't have a whole lot of respect for his own life otherwise he would have not risked it breaking into the house when there was a chance he was going to be confronted by an armed homeowner. The way I see it is if the man breaking in didn't respect hhis own life, why should the homeowner respect it? After all, didn't the homeowner have his own life to worry about?

I think too many people out there are worried about the wrong person a lot of the time.

How about the honest citizen? Who worries about him?

There are a hell of a lot of people out there that are willing to make all sorts of dumb excuses for bad bahavior and are the first in line to condemn someone for taking exception for the bad behavior and it is starting to get pretty stale.

My favorite was the guy that got shot robbing a liquor store a while back.

A couple of self-appointed 'community leaders' tried to feed everyone the cock and bull line that the young man was 'coming around'.

I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. If the guy was coming around why did he do two things; rob a liquor store and shoot at the policeman that tried to apprehend him? 'Coming around'? In a pig's eye he was coming around. He was robbing a liquor store and when he opened fire on a policeman he put the cop in harms way. The cop had two choices. He couldd either shoot the little criminal or he could make his wife a widow and his kids orphans. The officer chose wisely, yet he found himself beset on by a bunch of windbag self-appointed community leaders.

It galls the hell out of me that my home state does not have a good, solid Castle Doctrine law on the books to protect good, honest citizens from legal problems when they try and defend themselves and their homes from the forces of evil.

I hope that with the change we just saw happen in this most recent election that the people in office will remember the good folks that make this nation of ours run, and also remember the bad people that are either too lazy or too stupid to take care of themselves and try do bad things to the good people of this nation.

It would be nice to see the people we just sent to represent us actually do their jobs and add a little common sense to the equation.


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