Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dealers plates fall off a lot.

I do not know why they don't fasten them to the cars better.

Yesterday on the drive home the dealers plate on the car in front of me fell off.

This is the second time I have seen this happen in about ten years.

This car was a new one that was probably being transported to another dealership in a trade and some guy had most likely been detailed to deliver it.

I rolled down the passenger's side window and jacked the RPMs up and pulled alongside him. He was busy on some kind of electronic device and it took an awful lot of horn tooting to get his attention. When I did I signaled for him to open his window and was given the finger for my efforts.

I booted it and decided that I had done my good deed for the day.

Several miles later I pulled in for a quick to-go cup of joe and as I was leaving the new car pulled in and parked close to me. I watched the driver get out.

"You lost your plate several miles ago," I said. "Right now it's somewhere between the 202 and the 200 mile marker up alongside the Jersey barrier."

Of course he got upset with me. He asked me why I didn't let him know earlier. I told him that when I tried to he simply gave me the finger.

He started moaning and bellyaching about this and that and how he was going to get into hot water with his employer and so on. I had gotten into my pickup and had the window down and the engine started.

He asked me if I would go back with him and get it for him and I refused as I was wanting to get home and of course he acted like I owed it to him.

"Listen, fool. I tried to tell you when it happened and you gave me the finger. I shouldn't have even told you now. I should have let you find out when you got where you are going and get into hot water with your boss. Instead I have told you you lost it and where to find it. It doesn't get any better than that. You're on your own."

With that I slipped the clutch and drove away.

The other time I saw that happen was on a local highway. I stopped and picked the plate up because I figured the driver was taking the car to the wholesale auction a couple of miles up the road.

I pulled into the auction place, grabbed the plate and walked in.

Now I was a mess at the time because I had been tarring a roof or someother nasty thing so I sure didn't look like a car dealer.

I walked in and some bitchy lady saw me and snapped that I had to be a car dealer to get into the place. I looked at her and said, "Then I can't return the dealer's plate I found on the side of the road? I guess I'll just trash it." and I turned on my heel.

When I got outside I threw it into the trash and shook the can so it worked itself way in. Then I got into my pickup and watched as she came out and started fishing through the trash can.

Twice I have tried to do the right thing only to be punished for it. Twice I have been the jerk for trying to be helpful.

I suppose the next time I see this happen, if there is a next time, I will try and do the right thing. I may catch hell again but at least I will know I am a decent person for it.

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  1. I have noticed the same thing seems to happen whenever I tell someone that they have dangerously low air pressure in a tire. Of the last few times only one was a good experience. However it always seems like I tell the next person I see :-/

  2. I don't know why some people react that way when told that something fell of their car. If my car plate fell, I would apologize and say "thank you, have a cup of coffee", and that's all.

  3. I am so very proud of my 13 year old son, Jordan. He goes out of his way to help folks....and noneone needs to ask him, either. Too bad I can't interest him in ham radio, but since he grew up around it, the hobby is "old hat". However, he does enjoy firearms like his old man. We're going to shoot his new AR-7 this weekend.