Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FInally! Alaska QSO!

I now need three states to be able to brag that I have worked all of them.

All I need now are WA, SD, and RI.

Last night I bagged Alaska after a long, drawn out effort that stretched on and on and covered three differet bands an several different frequencies. It was pretty wild, really and I have to give the Alaskan credit because he stayed on task until we got the job done.

What is interesting is that I started using a 100 watt basic rig but when
it was apparent that he could hear me but I could not hear him I swapped out to the PRC 320 which I think has a somewhat better reciever but is only 30 watts.

I could tell by the scratching under the band noise he actually heard me with only 30 watts.

Finally the band lifted up a bit and I could hear him well enough to get his call sign and a signal report so we called it a wrap. He already had my information as he could hear me but not me him until the band lifted.

ALl in all a legal QSO and I hope he validates the eQSL I sent him. His paper card is already in the mail.


I'm in the mood for a cheeseburger. Time to kill a sacred cow because they make the best burgers.

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  1. Give JT65HF a try. You can easily work almost anyone with 15 watts, or less.