Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is a new day and I am up early as usual

which I suppose is a product of getting old.

It wasn't all that long ago I could sleep until noon. Now I wake up pretty early.

Then again I tend to hit the rack a little earlier, but not a whole lot earlier, though.

I wonder why this is? Is it that I don't seem to need as much sleep or is it that I have simply changed schedules?

WHo knows? I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on things and see what is happening to me.

I have a lot of paperwork to get done today and I want to get it done on time so this will probably be a short post. Then again I might add to it as the day goes on if I manage to get ahead.

In other news. I just got word that an old shipmate just died of pancreatic cancer. He was one of thosse cheerful guys that was from the south and sort of reminded people of Gomer Pyle.

We both entered the business at about the same time and went through fire fighting school together two decdes ago with another company.

When he first started I found out he was a plumber by trade but really didn't like it for some reason or another. He decided to come out here and give the life a whirl. At first a lot of things came a little slow for him but it didn't take a lot of time for him to pick right up and get with the program.

He was one hell of a good shipmate and a competent seaman. I am going to miss him. He survived an awful lot of stuff over the years.

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