Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talking your way out of the presidency

I have been watching Rick Santorum do a marvelous job of talking himself right out of the presidency.

Never in my life have I seen a person that can open his mouth and let so many bats fly out of it. He seems like he has a real talent for it and I would bet that he has already run his mouth enough so that if he gets the nomination that Mr. Obama is going to get re-elected.

Here the Republicans have been handed a golden opportunity to put just about anybody they want into the White house and Santorum is working overtime to not get elected.

We have a president in office now that is just spending us into a major depression, giving money away by the truckload to anyone that wants it and has no idea whatsoever how to fund his brainchildren. He is not very well liked, considered arrogant by many and to put it plainly as possible does not know how to count, or at least balance a checkbook.

Most people have little faith in him. Just about any competent candidate would be able to boot him out come November.

Now Santorum wants to run his mouth about social issues that have no place being dictated by the government in the first place. He talks like he wants to impose his religious values on everyone and Americans do not like that as they consider their religion to be personal. He has also alienated a huge chunk of the female population by trying to redefine their role.

If Santorum would have just shut the hell up and stuck to the two things that the American people seem to be interested in all of us would be better off. We would have a viable candidate to get the spendthrift we now have out of office.

All Rick really has to do is explain to the public how he is going to do two things. First he has to explain how he is going to fix our shattered economy. Secondly he has to assure the public that he will keep government out of our lives.

That's all!

Yes, it really IS that simple.

Right now nobody is really interested in social issues. We have too many people out of work and too much government interference in things.

Yet one and on he goes running his mouth about issues he should stay clear of and digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole he will never get out of come November.

If Santorum gets the candidacy pay attention to the results.
President Obama will be reelected by such a landslide that the Reagan/Mondale election will look like a close call.(Then watch out as Obama starts acting like it was a mandate from God)

I'm not so disgusted with the man for his stand on social issues as I am with his out and out stupidity of bringing them up in the first place.

Then again, I should simply shake my head and walk away because for years I have known one of the truths of life.

You can't fix stupid.

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