Sunday, February 12, 2012

Right now Superman needs a little help. I'm giving it to him

I am currently looking for an old glass and aluminum telephone booth to set up in my front yard. It will be carefully maintained so that Superman has a place to change out of his Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet blue serge suit and into his official Superman suit.

Ever since the cellular telephone has become popular the number of telephone booths in this great nation of ours has dwindled to about none and now Superman has no place left to change his clothes.

There are times in this great nation of ours when someone has to step up to the plate and accept some responsibility to keep this country running.

While I probably shouldn't run for political office...then again, maybe I should, but I digress.

Anyway politics is out of the question for me. I do not have the proper tact as was shown the other day at crew change when a couple of the guys were standing around talking about raising kids.

Both of them had daughters and one was griping about the number of young men hanging out below the bedroom window baying like dogs in heat. I chuckled and mentioned I never had that problem as I had never raised kids.

The other guy bragged that although his daughter was the same age as the other guy's that he didn't have that problem. This guy is one of those guys that lives in a dream world and everything is just wonderful. I looked at him.

"No guys baying like hound dogs, huh? I wonder how you feel raising a daughter that nobody wants to tumble in a haystack with?" I asked, dryly.

I didn't stick around for the answer and I noticed several guys that heard the conversation turn a little red and sidle away from the scene of the crime.

No, Politics isn't for me.

I guess what I am going to have to do to help keep this great nation of ours on the straight and narrow is set up a phone booth in my front yard so that Superman has a place to change.

The mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper needs a place to change so he can continue to fight for truth, justice and the American way and I think I will give it to him.

(AT least as soon as I can find a phone booth somewhere)


The next time you hear a woman talk about So and So's new baby, try asking her what So and so did with the old one.

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