Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now that I am back in town

things have settled back to the basics.

The officer that Nebby Larry called when I was cutting my antenna went driving by and I waved. If you have been following this you might remember that he has a son interested in space exploration and he has asked me a few questions about it.

When I waved I let my body english show I was not adverse to him stopping for a chat if he wanted and he stopped. I tolsd him to expect another possible call from Nebby Larry as sometime in the next few days I was going to take a couple pictures for another project I am working on. Expect guns, radios and things of that nature.

He nodded, and asked me about the project and I told him and I am not going to tell you what I told him so do not ask.

Anyway, I looked at the officer and asked him how come Nebby Larry hasn't figured out that I goad him. "Sure, he's a idiot," I said. "But how can anybody be that stupid?"

He gave me a smirk followed by a serious look.

"You keep him busy," he said, grinning. "You're probably the only person that hasn't tried to strangle him. You just give him what he wants. He wants to be a hero again."


He then went on to explain that Nebby Larry had a touch of some type of autism or something. He is now a retired engineer of some sort and was very well respected for his ability to solve problems. However, for some reason he just never seemed to adapt socially. Apparently he married a very understanding woman who took responsibility for being the street-wise brains of the marriage.

He also went on to explain that there is an old police report deep in the bowels of the station stating that Larry disarmed an armed robber and held him until the police arrived. When he told me that, my eyes must have popped half out of their sockets. When he saw my eyes, he grinned.

"That's what the report in the station says," he said. "He's a hero."

"Huh. Who would have ever guessed?" I said.

"You know Denny Lewis? he asked. Denny is a long retired member of the force.

"Yeah, I do." I replied. "He managed to keep me out of the hoosegow one Fourth of July about twenty years ago. He was a good guy."

"I ran into him over lunch right after the time you told him those mast things were Bangalore torpedoes. I mentioned Larry and he told me the story about how Larry became a hero. He was a rookie when it happened and he was one of the officers that responded."

"That must have been thirty or forty years ago. What happened?" I asked.

"What really happened goes nowhere." he said. "Denny was there. A witness filled him in but he didn't say anything to keep Larry from looking like a idiot." I nodded.

What happened I will not post suffice to say that I was treated to a pretty whacked out tale of an armed robber plowing into Larry and dropping his gun. Larry didn't even know a crime was being committed and reached down and picked it up, probably intending to return it to him. The robber was supposidly so scared of being shot accidentally he hit the dirt and remained there until he could be taken to the safety of a nice jail cell.

"So why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"To keep you from strangling Larry," he chuckled. "Look, just go about your business. Don't make any extra effort to wind him up, just keep on keeping on and everything will be fine."

Then he looked at me. "We have a win-win situation here and let's leave it at that. You entertain Larry and keep him from annoying the neighborhood. We drop by and keep an eye on your place."

I can live with that.

While Larry is going to continue to be a cross to bear, it's ain't a bad deal.

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  1. You never know.....Engineers (I'm a sparky) are encumbered. Larry probably has a good dose of Asberger's. My wife deals with kids with all sorts of problems.

    I wonder if all engineers have a touch of Asbergers to some degree. Larry apparently had a good dollop handed out when the big Guy dealt his cards. Most of us are socially inept (I didn't marry Sheri til I was 37 K4SMN).