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This is a collection of stuff I wrote at sea last tour. Long read.

WHile it is already dated you might find it somewhat amusing.

Or maybe not. Whatever.

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Oh, good!

The Giants won and the Superbowl will be the Patriots vs the Giants.

That is a pretty good deal for be because I will get peace and quiet in the Pittsburgh theater of operations. Had it been the Steelers that had made it to the Superbowl I would have to listen to a bunch of idiots asking me why I wasn't wearing a football jersey with the name of my favorite player on the back.

Some time ago I posted about the idiot that bought me such a jersey after I told him that if he did I would simply throw it in the trash. He did and I did. Miffedness ensued and a nose got put out of joint so to speak.

People sometimes learn the hard way that I generally mean what I say.

It would be Steelers this and Steelers that and I would probably wind up in a coat with extra long sleeves being escorted my nice young men in clean white coats for a long rest somewhere.

While probably not watch the game itself I suppose that I will probably want to know who won for the same reason I always check up on who won the world series.

What if I got stuck outside the wire and forgot the password? The guard (according to Hollywood) will probably let me in if I can tell him who won the World Series. The reason I remember who won the Superbowl is in case the guy on guard duty is a football fan.

Speaking of which, I actually remember using that line on guard duty once. It was funny as hell.

The DIvArty CO and Sergeant Major used to not bother getting by with the password and simply saying "It's the Colonel and the Sergeant Major" to get into the battery area.

One new guy challenged them and followed his orders of making sure anyone who entered did so using the proper password. Nobody had told him about the Colonel getting a pass. The Colonel and the Sergeant Major approached late one night and tried to get past him with that line. No dice.

Good Old Private whoever he was and whose name is long forgotten told them to wait and he called the Sergeant of the Guard, who was me. I arrived and knew the Catch-22 of the situation.

If we let them in without the password we could catch hell and if we didn't let them in we'd catch hell. The private knew what was going on and I told him I'd handle it. I looked out into the darkness at the pair of them.

"Sergeant Major, huh?" I said to the guard. Then I looked out toward the pair of them standing out in the dark.

"OK, Mac!" I said, "Who won the world series!?"

The Sergeant Major went right through the roof and started up ranting and raving that a sergeant could be such an idiot as to ask such a hokey question as that. I heard the colonel outright laugh.

"Come on in, Colonel and Sergeant Major," I said.

The Sergeant Major came up to me and started chewing me out like you would not believe. Then he asked me why I would pull the hokiest Hollywood line in the world on him.

I was incontrite. I looked at him and said, "Because I knew you would do just what you did if you were the Sergeant Major. You blew a fuse and got madder than hell at someone for using the hokiest line in the world. If you were someone trying to fake me out you would have told me who won the world series!"

The kid on guard and I almost had to hold the Colonel up he was laughing so hard. He turned to the Sergeant Major. "Surely we can't begrudge the good sergeant for a little quick thinking, can we?"

The Sergeant Major was red and settled down a bit. "I guess you're right, Sir." he said.

The Colonel turned to me, "Good thinking, Sergeant,' he said and the pair of them passed through. I heard him chuckle as they went past and I knew I hadn't heard the last of it.

The following day my First Sergeant saw me and wide eyed asked me why in the name of God I would ask the Sergeant Major who had won the World Series. When I told him my reasoning he laughed like hell.

"You sure got that one right," he said. Then he turned a little red and with sort of a sheepish look grinned at me and asked me for all the gory details. He was quite amused.


I had been out of the army for a couple of months and returned to the Colorado Springs area afer a brief visit home. I had the tipi and was in the process of getting situated in the Ute Pass area when I ran into my old Battery Commander.

I asked him why he had promoted me. Shortly after I had been promoted to E-5 someone had leaked to me that he had sort of put the fix in with the board to get me my stripes.

He was an interesting man and he himself at that time was in the process of getting off of active duty and taking a civvie job of flying some form of aircraft. I asked him why he had pushed so hard to get me promoted.

He told me that a big part of the reason was that he knew I was not planning on making the Army a career. I looked perplexed. He smiled.

He explained that a person like me that wanted to serve his hitch and get an honorable discharge wasn't too likely to do something majorly stupid. On the other hand he also knew that a guy that wasn't making a career of the service was likely to upset a couple of apple carts here and there.

"When I promoted you, I knew that would make you dangerous," he smiled. "I wanted to watch you stir up a few things and you did. Promoting you provided me with a lot of entertainment."

Many years later I saw another dangerous service person. The man had been in the navy for 17 years and been a Chief Petty Officer for seven when he went through Officer's Candidate School and took a commission. When you see a man that was a Chief for 7 years that is wearing the railroad tracks of a full Navy Lieutenant you are looking at someone truly scary.

I do not know if the Navy ought to pass a rule prohibiting such a thing or they ought to pass a rule encouraging it.

I think the Officers in power would probably like to prohibit it, but encouraging such a thing would certainly serve to stir things up a bit.

And that is generally a healthy thing.


I am listening to Mitt Romney now on the tube and after getting clobbered in SC he sounds a bit panicky and appears to be somewhat on the ropes. He has started increasing his attacks on Newt.

This is somewhat predictable when a guy takes a hit like Mitt did. It's now cheap shot time and he is doing something predictable, yet stupid.

He is trying to drag his opponent down instead of lifting himself up by promoting his proposed policies.

Dr. King once said that for every Black man being held down in the gutter there is a white man holding him there. What I see happening now is that Mitt is trying to drag Newt down into the gutter and hold him there. This means Mitt will probably wind up in the gutter holding Newt there if he can.

Another danger is that if Newt can raise himself out of the gutter Mitt is trying to hold him in it will mean Mitt could get stuck there. He very well may.

Mud slinging is a lose-lose situation when you think about it.It makes everyone look stupid, slinger and slingee. One thing that people ask about the slinger is what he is trying to hide and why doesn't he have something positive to say. The time spent slinging mud is time that could have been spent trying to inform the public what your proposals and strengths are.

Instead of trying to stand on his proposals Mitt is spending his energy trying to be a millstone around Newt's neck. Wrong move. It's like a drowning man spending his effort tring to drown his opponent when he should break away and try and keep himself afloat.

Let's see what happens in Florida next weekend.


There is a big to-do about the way Steven Tyler sang the national anthem at the game the other night.

Let's stop and think a minute or two.

Steven Tyler is a rock star. He is going to sing like one. Plan on it.

If you don't like the way rock stars sing the national anthem at a football game then do not give a rock star the job.

Still, Steven Tyler is a little easier on the ear than Kate Smith ever was. Ouch!

Incidentally, one year at Camp Perry during morning colors I was on the ready line and as the cannon fired it was followed by The Star Spangled Banner. As the final notes faded, someone shouted "Play ball!" to the amusement of most. One young E-4 looked offended and said so to the major standing next to him. The major told the young E-4 that he was in the wrong line of work because he was in the service to insure that people could do things like that.

I agree with the major. The last two words of MY national anthem are "Play ball!"

And that is all I have to say about that.


Another area I will enter is the abortion issue. My opinion on it is short and cuts straight to the chase.

I simply do not believe the government should be involved in it whatsoever.

The only ones involded in the issue should be the woman, her physician and her maker.


And that is all I have to say about that.


Herman Cain is babbling away on the tube now. Robin Meade is interviewing him.

Why is she wasting her time with that idiot?

When he dropped out he should have simply disappeared and hidden out in Outer Mongolia or maybe gone on a long trip somewhere. Maybe he could have gone to Switzerland and taken yodeling lessons or something like that.


I just saw where Newt just OWNED the host of the CNN debates.

I gotta say the man is 100% dead on when he pointed out that the media is tearing up people so badly that it makes an awful lot of people not want to enter the political arena.

There are not a whole lot of us that have had Ward and June Cleaver lives and have not done a few things we regret and the media has no business whatsoever dredging things like that up. It is disgraceful and disgusting.

I'd just bet there are several people out there that would make an excellent POTUS that are not even considering getting into the game because they does not want to have their families dragged through the mud.

Remember the time you went over to Delta house to borrow a textbook that Friday night and found you had crashed the Big Party? You just wanted the textbook and had a quick drink while your buddy ran upatairs to get it.

Well, Jimmy-Joe-Bob has a picture he took of you holding the drink before you grabbed your textbook and left four hours before the whole frat house took liberties with the Dean's 17 year old daughter. And here it is thirty years later and the picture majestically appears.

Of course, the result of that little party with the underage girl resulted in a child born long before the days of DNA testing and now all of your political enemies want you to have a DNA test taken because they have 'just happened' to have found the grown up child of that outrageous little shindig.

While the DNA test is going to be negative and you can prove you were on the other end of town during the group copulation, it is still humiliating and isn't worth it to drag your family through such a smear tactic. No matter what the DNA says and the witnesses say people are still going to wonder.

Newt was dead on there. You cannot argue with logic like that and although I think Newt is a snake of sorts he has still put another round right smack dab into the X-ring.

While I have no particular desire to enter the political arena I can assure the reader that if I did there would be a media feeding frenzy of which we have never seen the likes.

Then again, maybe the American public would find it refreshing when I answered the question of the CNN host by asking him, "Whaddya you jealous that I got more nookie than you?" or something along else these lines. "No, I do NOT have a drinking problem. I can kill an entire quart of Jameson's without barfing."

I am sure that there is still someone that remembers some of the things I have said over the years. There was one self rightous preacher there that Iheard say self rightously that so and so was seeing a married woman.

Of course, five years earlier the husband had abscounded with the family savings and had not been heard from since. The woman had not bothered to divorce him although maybe she should have but I suppose she didn't have the funds to divorce someone in absentania.

When the preacher said that in such a self-righous tone, I answered that he sounded jealous that so and so was getting her pearl and he wasn't.

There were an awful lot of people that turned pretty red when I said that. Jaws dropped and I was considered somewhat of a pariah for a while but an awful lot of people that were there quietly chased me down over the next several weeks and told me that besides being the funniest thing they had ever heard that I was probably right.

Both because he was jealous and that the self righous bastard had it coming.

When I look back on things I recall how Camelot back during the JFK reign was pretty much off limits to the media. While I am fairly certain a lot of insiders knew what was going on behind closed doors every time Jackie left the white House You didn't see or hear a single word of it during the entire administration,and there were a string of women sneaking into the White House a mile long.

In fact, during the Camelot years the media worked pretty hard at keeping the Camelot image snow white pure.

What has happened over the past couple of decades is that the media has decided to follow the low road. They have decided to cop to the trashy side and while there is a place for that, the media has taken the trashy route as an SOP.

They have also self rightously done quite a disservice to our service people byrunning their mouths. WHile the most recent incident of Marines urinating on Taliban corpses is going to cost a couple of Marines their careers, letting the public know that Usama bin Laden was whacked by SEAL Team Six very cost us the lives of a number of our SEALs from a retaliatory set up.

FDR had the brains to tell the public the Dolittle raid came from 'our secret base in Shangri La', and if anyone did find out they sure had enough sense to stay quiet about.

While the news of SEAL Team Six was let out by that blabbermouth Joe Biden (who ought to be shot for treason) the media still had the option of keeping their mouth shut. They didn't.

When you consider their First Amendment rights are guarenteed by the US Military it is a disgrace the way the Media turns on the services every chnce they get.

The media had the decency back then to keep their nose out of where it did not belong.

I'm glad Newt said what he did and put that tasteless self-rightous jerk in his place.

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