Monday, February 6, 2012

Nebby Larry missed a chance yesterday

Nebby Larry missed one yesterday.

I was rerouting an antenna and needed a piece of paracord strung through a tree so I simply got out the slingshot. The slingschot has a fishing reel mounted on the bottom and I simply shoot a one ounce sinker through a tree, tie a piece of paracord to it and reel it in. Presto!

The problem is that 10 pound test monofilimint is pretty damned hard to see. Especially in some sunlight conditions. When that happens I generally spread my arms and wander around the suspected impact area until it snags on me somewhere.

So there I was, wandering around the side yard with both arms extended looking fo an invisible piece of monofiliment, for all intents looking like I was not rowing with both oars in the water.

This really is nothing new and my immediate neighbors have learned that when they see something like that there is generally a pretty good reason. They know I have different interests and respect it.

The guy across the street wandered out to get his mail and saw me. He knew exactly what was going on.

He looked up and down the street and then looked at me.

"Just checking," he said. "While I know you're trying to find where your sinker landed, Nebby Larry would have a field day with you."

"Looks like he missed one," I replied. "Better luck next time. Maybe I can get a nuclear waste sticker and put it on the trash can and REALLY drive him nuts."

He laughed as he recalled the time years ago when I had a sick cat that had gottten radioactive iodine treatment. I had to keep the kitty litter separate and hold it for sixty days before I could trash it out.

Neighbor Bob had snagged a 'nuclear waste' sticker somewhere and stuck it on the trash can. The pregnant woman a couple of doors away saw the sticker and went into a panic fearing that the 'nuclear waste' would cause her to have a three-headed kid or something. Neighbor Bob was no help in the matter when she asked him about it. He told her I was running a reactor in the basement and selling electricity back to the power company.

She flipped out and called not the local police, but some nuclear regulatory people who showed up and hilarity ensued. The nuclear people tried to bully me around until I got a neighbor over to insure everything was on the up and up. The neighbor just happened to be a special agent with the FBI, an honest to God real, live G-man. He's long since moved which is a shame. He was a really good guy.

The whole incident was a real circus and when one of the nuclear guys opened the trash can and was bowled over by the aroma of old cat urine. He looked up and demanded to know why I didn't simply tell him I had a sick cat. I simply replied that he hadn't asked.

I thought my G-man neighbor was going to die laughing right then and there.

Anyway, yesterday Nebby Larry missed a chance.

Don't worry. I'll make sure the little dweeb get another one.

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