Monday, May 28, 2012

A couple of wholsome clean cut looking kids.

I can picture this innocent saying, "Gee, Wally! Maybe Larry Mondello and I can spend this afternoon down at the firehouse with Fireman Gus!"

And here's another

ANd this one saying, "Gee, Mom! After church can we go on a picnic?"

And here's the first one all grown up


And here's the other one

Click on the pictures for full size.

While Martin certainly wasn't anything like Manson, the point is that it really isn't too fair to post the Baby Jesus pictures of Martin.

On the other hand maybe the media today might have posted the Leave it to Beaver picture of Manson.

Who knows?

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  1. Martin may not be like Manson but it certainly ain't nice to include him in pictures of Jesus.