Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well, we'll see what happens to the property tax

Went in for an informal hearing and pled our case. The guy agreed with is and when I gave him my reasoning. He knew right away that I knew what I was talking about and he agreed with me that the county wants to tax me on nonexistant living space.

Anyway, it was interesting and we put together out package and in about a month we'll see how it goes and see if we have to file a formal appeal.

In other gnus, I planted the rest of the marigolds and now have 288 of the little guys in my yard. I need another dozen and will snag them and put them in. While last year's were from seeds and grew into giant colorful trees, I do not think these will grow as large as last years jungle.

Last year I went all out.

There are now 6 trees that have to go and I think I am only capable of taking one, or maybe two of them down safely.

While smaller evergreens can be quite an asset on a property, as they get huge they can become quite a dangerous liability if they are close enough to the house to fall on it. Evergreens can fall in a storm without warning and most people would be amaxed to find out how much a tree weighs. The damage can be tremendous and can easily be avoided by removing the tree.

In a bit I'll fire up the chain saw and haul it down back and take the tree I can safely fall and drop it and buck it up. Chainsaw madness will be the order of the day. This tree will probably wind up being piled up and left to rot as it is a pain in the neck to haul it up front.

The other one in the lower 40 will suffer the same fate but the four in the yard itself will be bucked up and stacked next to the street and will have a sign on them offering them as firewood to anyone that wants it.

While most people will not burn evergreen in their home fire places there are a lot of people that will most likely snap it up little by little for recreational use. A lot of people in this area have camps.

Of course, after it is all gone there will be those that come by and tell me that they would have taken it all away for free if they had known. While it is out there there will also be someone that will ask me to save some of it for him because he has no room for it at home. Sorry, Charlie. First come, first served. I want to get rid of it.

Several years ago I had a mountain of wood chips to get rid of. I was smart and put them on a tarp. Instead of taking them down to the lower forty I put them in the front yard with a sign that said,"Free. U-haul".

They stayed there for a couple of days until I changed the sign to read that anyone could have them for either a case of Heineken or a bottle of Irish. I came home and the chips were gone and there was both a case of Heineken AND a bottle of Crested Ten on the doorstep. The note with the bottle said that the bottle had been in their house a while and they were afraid it might have gone bad so they left the beer in case.

That was pretty cool if you ask me.

I'll leave you with that.

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