Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recently the Feds have again stuck their nose where it ought not to be

, in private sector hiring practices.

Most recently in a coffee shop that hires bubbly teenaged girls and dresses them in pink. I think the angle is age descrimination. A while back a woman that started to show up in Goth makeup was fired from a Christian bookstore. She sued.

I think the one a lot of peope are aware of is when they went after Hooters a while ago. I have eaten in one once and truth is I didn't like it very much because I have eaten enough bar food for this lifetime of mine and also because young women do not really do a whole lot for me.

Actually it was a pretty quiet night at the Hooters and I was traveling and decided to check the place out. The waitress was young, attractive and not very busy and actually sat down and kept me company and we had a nice conversation. She was what I'd call a pretty good kid, but I really didn't find her hot because she was just too young. In my opionion a woman isn't attractive until she hits at least 40 but that is just me.

Anyway I guess the requirements for being hired at Hooters are that you have a couple of hooters which is fine because they want to sell that particuar image. It makes sense as there are a lot of younger guys out there that find women their own age to be attractive.

So someone sued and I guess the case just disappeared but the point is that the freedom to run a restaurant chain the way you want came under fire.

Hooters was simply marketing themselves to a specific clientele. So was the Christian bookstore that fired the Goth chick after several warnings.

I think the feds must have gotten to the airlines years ago because back then the stewardesses were attractive and svelte. These days they look like someone went into the SPCA and grabbed every Heinz 57 they had and stuffed them into 'airline attendent' uniforms and also drug up a lot of homely guys to boot.

Airline travel lost a lot when that happened and to tell you the truth about a year or so ago I wound up wondering if the airlines hadn't also been forced to hire Rhea Pearlman's twin sister because I had to deal with the nastiest foul tempered attendent I have ever met. I almost got thrown off for facepalming when they announced yet ANOTHER delay.

(I got even with the little whelp when I got off the plane with a little humiliation. I told her that of she were my grandbaby I would have taken her over my knee and given her a spanking. Laughter ensued.)

This used to be a place where a person could take their talents, skills, brains and looks and run with them but I guess it isn't that way anymore.

Ron White commented that we could fix anything. "See her? Give her those boobs, those lips, that hair and that ass!"

In a lot of cases I suppose if the people complaining and suing over hiring practices had just scraped up a few bucks and gone into the body and fender shop for a nip, tuck, boob job and a little Bondo and a grinder they would have been hired. Yeah, it really is that simple.

Then again, this line of trying to make everything 'fair' has been around since I was in grade school when teachers would catch you chewing gum and ask you if you brought enough for everyone.

Back in '63 a teacher asked me that and I found out that "What are you, some kind of communist?" wasn't the correct answer. (Neither was handing out gum to everyone, which was the tack I tried the following year.)

White pointed out that you can't fix stupid and because of that do not expect this situation to get any better because the Feds are running the show.

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