Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guess who's back?

My favorite trash guy. Cool!

I saw the truck coming by and went outside to snag the can after he emptied it and there he was. Now I don't have to worry too much about getting rid of stuff.

That was the only good thing that happened yesterday. It was a mess. Every time I tried to do something the world went to hell. It went from the ridiculous to the sublime.

When it would stop raining and I would go out to do yardwork it would rain again and finally where I got to Kinko's to get some papers copied there was a power outage. No lie! The power dropped just aas my papers were getting scanned. It was out for a while so I had to return about an hour later. Third world stuff!

If there was nothing but days like yesterday to look forward to I think I would just jump off a damned bridge.

This is coupled with the property reassessment that is a total ripoff because according to the county calculations I am going to have to pay for space in my house that simply does not exist. I am fighting city hall today. Wish me luck.

This whole reassessment is the result of a couple of school districts whining for more money so they can produce less.

An awful lot of teachers are being grossly overpaid these days because they are baby sitters. A lot of them should be paid day care worker wages for all the good they do. They just sit on kids and send them off to the next grade come June.

Back in the day if you didn't pass the muster they held you back a year.

I came close to taking 13 years to graduate from high school because of bad grades and I graduated with a couple of kids that had been held back twice and that took 14 years to graduate from grade 12.
I do not mind paying for good teachers but a lot of kids coming out of high school today can not even make change for a buck. Yet the teachers want more money for fewer results.

There is no tenure in the private sector. If I screw up or fail to produce I am gone.

I suppose if I had it to do over again I might become a teacher. And why not?

Over the years I have had to deal with teachers and they do not like me whatsoever because I have a pretty bad habit of telling them to go urinate up a hawser when they carry on about their self-importance.

Those that can, do. Those that can't teach. This that can do neither administrate.

Adios for today.

Today has to be better.

Wish me luck at city hall.

Pic, out


Shortly after I wrothe this post late yesterday afternoon I managed to QSO South Dakota again and I think he's sending me a QSL card and I can put my Worked All States project to bed. I also ragchewed for a while with another ham I have met only on the internet but has been very helpful to me so the day finally got salvaged. Thank God for small miracles.

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