Monday, May 28, 2012

So I read that nowadays an awful lot of doctors

are not accepting medicaid which did not surprise me when I read it.

Why should they when there are a lot more people out there that either are willing to pay cash or have insurance programs that pay the doctors a whole lot better.

Let's face it, we're all a bunch of whores in this country. We simply sell ourselves to the highest bidder and that is that. Of course, it shouldn't be long before the government steps in to fix this and as usual the cure will be worse than the disease itself. The feds will likely do something to make life miserable enough for the doctors that they will start accepting medicare again.

Of course, this will result in doctors either retiring early or simply getting out of the business of seeing patients altogether, and this will create a shortage of doctors that will not last too long because the shortage will likely mean the lowering of standards and then the nice kid that used to be a roofer will be the guy giving you a liver transplant.

One of the things that has drawn the best and brightest into medicine is the opportunity to get ahead and make a good living. It wasn't a whole long time ago when good doctors were extremely well paid. Competition was pretty keen among specialists and the richer people of the planet came to this country with cash in their pockets to have their ailments treated because we were the land of the trend setters in medicine.

While the rich folks are most likely still coming to this country to be treated, it is not likely that they will do so for very long becauuse as soon as Uncle Sam sticks his fingers into that pie and starts regulating the income of the medical people that plum will go away.

As for my fellow countrymen, their medical care is likely to drop in quality over time and they have none other than Uncle Sam to thank for it. Of course, those on medicaid are probably get the kind of service they pay for, which really isn't too much. Those that pay cash probably won't be getting the care they would have before Uncle tried to fix everything.

Right now there is a sharp young lady out there that is a pharmicist because she saw what was coming and decided against going into medicine. I do not think she is alone, and I damned well do not blame her. She is most likely headed into a career that will wind up paying her more than she would have made if she had gone into medicine and with a whole lot less headache.

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