Thursday, September 13, 2012

A few things.

I just dug through my old logs and records and found I have a total of 49 different countries in the bag. Of course, someone will tell me I'll have 100  in no time but they are wrong. It doesn't work that way. The more you get the fewer you have to get and the pool of eligible QSOs shrinks.

The ARRL has a list of places and while it is something like well over 300, a number of these are really remote and some have no infastructure like an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere. In order to bag one of these far flung remote outposts you have to wait until some intrepid soul does on a DXpedition to it.

There is one in Swain's Island right now, a remote outpost with 37 copra workers on it and no infastructure. A group from California is there now as I write and maybe I can bag that one. We'll see. The island is near Pago Pago and is administered by American Samoa.

One of the things I have to have learned to live with having this particular cat is that he has a fascination with ball point pens and will bat one off my table and slap it around until it gets under the rug. Yesterday I wanted a pen and lifted the carpet, picked one up and used it to make my shopping list. When I was done I simply dropped it on the floor for Kitty to put back where he keeps them and inside a minute he was batting it around and inside a couple of minutes the pen was backunder the carpet.

Most people would go nuts with this, I suppose but esterday when I rolled up the carpets and swept and mopped the floor I picked up the pens and put them in a drawer. When the rugs got put back down I put the pens back where the cat has decided to keep them.

It is not worth the effort to argue with a cat and when you think about it, I suppose it is a good thing because now I know where to look for a pen.

My morning coffee is done and I have to get back to other things so good morning.

Update: I now have 50 countries now as I just bagged Japan.

The map grows

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