Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My shoulders are broad

. I will always help the helpless and like the Marines say, I will always fight for those that can't fight for themselves.

Truth is, there are not too many helpless people out there and I am getting pretty tired with a bunch of lazy slugs on my back.

I'm just going to say it. The poor are not poor. In a lot of cases they are doing better than I am and I bust my ass at sea as a professional mariner. I go away from home and hearth to make my living and it galls the living hell out of me to see people that don't do a damned thing living in many cases a lot better than I do.

Ben Franklin had the right idea when he said that the way to make poverty go away was to make it so hard for them they would find a way to escape it, yet our beloved government makes it so easy to be poor that there is no real reason whatsoever to get off one's ass and take care of one's self.

Don't pi$$ on my back and tell me it's raining, either. I've seen it too damned many times at the supermarket and other stores and seen shopping carts full of shrimp, steaks, potato chips and other spendy items, generally pushed by a morbidly obese person go through the checkout lines and watch the EBT card come out as I am pushing a cart with hamburger and chicken in it.

It simply isn't right. I'm paying for somebody that is supposidly poor to live better than I am.

Well, guess what? If they are living better than I am, they are not poor.

Follow the paid for shopping cart out the door and you can generally watch the groceries loaded into a pretty good car. Often better than the one I am driving.

While I have not followed one of these vehicles full of EBT paid for food, I wouldn't be surprised to see the car pull up to a pretty expensive looking home paid for by none other than Section 8 housing.

All of it is a travesty. The poor in many cases are living better than the people that are supporting them. It ain't right.

Of course, the powers that be keep upping the definition of what poor really is creating what turns out to look an awful lot like trickle up poverty.

They also keep lowering the amount of money you make before you get put in the catagory of being 'rich' and therefore pay a higher tax rate.

In short the middle class is shrinking because of trickle down poverty and I am not poor yet and therefore have to go out and work to pay for the poor who are not really poor, but they ARE lazy.

If we ARE going give these so-called poor and disadvantaged people a check then I want to see these people earn it. I'm getting pretty tired of driving on an interstate highway and seeing litter strewn bumpy roads, I want to drive to work on a sheet of glass amooth highways and look at the sides of the road as well manicured as a golf course.

Want a government check?

Earn it. Get out there and bust your ass like the people that sign it do.

Don't like earning your government check because it's too demeaning or beneath your dignity?

Get your act together and get a job in the private sector.

Want government housing? Fine. We still have a number of abandoned WW2 barracks available and you can use them free. Don't like them? Fine. We'll supply the materiels. YOU fix them up and you can learn a trade in the process. Don't like that?

Get a regular job and rent or buy your own.

I'm getting pretty sick of the poor and disadvantaged because they are simply costing me too much damned money. The truth is I am pretty damned tired of the poor and disadvantaged. I don't want people poor. I want them successful. After all, I am just getting damned sick and tired of the poor just dragging me down.

I've busted my ass and paid into social security and been promised that it will be there when I retire. It would have been there if the damned government haden't simply given it away. They simply gave it away under the guise of social programs. Back in the Johnson administration they took the entire social security account and added it to the general fund and in the course of a scant two years they simply gave it away.

They gave it to the so-called poor and disadvantaged.

Poor by choice. The advantages in this country are there. There isn't a state in the union that doesn't give anyone that wants if a free high school education. In fact, in most places it is against the law to quit school before you are at least 16 years old. There are also GED programs galore for those that decided that maybe quitting school wasn't such a good idea. We are a country full of second chances.

And don't you dare try and whip the race card out and KKK me, either. I raised quarters for Dr King and the Freedom riders back in the 60s and as a child supported Dr. King who didn't ask for a whole lot. He asked for basic rights and he got them. He also supported the then poor and disadvanted of all races and fought to make sure that everybody got a fair and equal chance and fifty years later anyone of any race can get into just about anyplace they are qualified for. Please remember that Dr. King, unlike Fat Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, was a republican. He believed in personal responsibility.

It's up to the individual to get the qualifications. The road to personal success is open to anyone that wants to take it.

I'm tired of making things easy for the poor and disadvantaged. Let's make it hard enough on them so that maybe they won't think that poverty is a good way of life and that they will, as individuals, find their own way out of it. It's not hard.

As for the truly helpless, the part that likely runs about 1% of the people that truly can't take care of themselves that we're paying monthly checks to, I have nothing but compassion for you.

If you simply can't take care of yourselves and have nobody to take care of you, no problem, but you damned well better be truly handicapped and unable to help yourself.

Screw the damned poor.

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  1. The system is broken. Yes, some people need help. However, if you try to help yourself then you loose assistance.

    My neighbor is a good example. She is the mother of two kids and her husband passed away a few years back. She's working multiple jobs in order to support her family and a house payment and a car payment. She's even rented out a room in her house. She is doing everything to make ends meet, and thus is not eligible for assistance.

    Yet just down the street a house has been converted to a HUD rental. Parents are unmarried, mother has been arrested several times for drugs, is unemployed... and they seem to have a comfortable lifestyle.

    Again, our system is broken. The government won't help those that are willing to help themselves.

  2. I wouldn't be half as mad if the case was giving someone a short term hand up.