Saturday, September 8, 2012

I had to deal with stupid yesterday. What's new?

On the way home from a ride in the sticks I decided to stop and pick up a few items at the local supermarket. What a mess that turned out to be.

First of all the supermarket has been designed by idiots that make it difficult to get any shopping done because instead of putting, say, the peanut butter, jelly and bread in the same aisle, they scatter them all over the place to make you negotiate the entire store. I suppose this is to make you walk past everything so you'll see something you don't need but will buy it anyway.

So I gathered my 4 items and headed to the deli for a sandwich and a bottle of beer to take home with me along with the other stuff.

I order my sandwich and go to pay for everything and when I got to the deli I was told I couldn't pay for my 4 items there because of some rule that I couldn't buy beer in a grocery store. Apparently the supermarket people were running it as 2 different businesses so they could get a beer license.

Of course, the reason I had gone in the supermarket in the first place is to have the convenience if a 1 stop  shop. Now I would have to face the damned checkout line that was a mile long.

Next the guy wanted an ID for the beer which is a joke because I am sixty and show it. I handed him my Z-card, a document that oftentimes serves as a passport but the damned kid didn't know what it was. So I handed him a pistol permit which is prima facia proof of majority because you can not get one issued unless you are 21 years of age, but for some reason  that was not good enough.

He wanted a driver's license, a document that can be had for about $20, custom made in any college dorm.

OK, my license is in the section of my wallet that has the little window and has been there for an awful long time. I show him but he wants it removed, something which takes a pair of pliers to do as it is jammed in there tightly. I am not alone here, I know a couple other people that have the same problem and, like me, carry a pair of pliers in their glovebox in case they get stopped by the police.

The kid wanted me to take the license out of my damned wallet and when I asked him for a pair of pliers to use to get the damned thing out he gave me the doe in the headlights look.

I finally decided that enough was enough and I looked at the kid and said, "This is more trouble than it is worth. I am not going to play your silly little game."

With that I simply put my wallet back in my pocket, left everything where it was and walked out. Not my problem anymore.

I started home and en route I snagged my beer at a pizza and beer to go joint and was in and out in about a minute, and a couple miles from home I stopped off at my local supermarket and was in and out is a jiffy.

No hassles, no headaches.

The other place isn't going to get my business simply because they make it too hard for me to give them my money. I guess they think that I have to do what they want if I want to get my grub and beer but they forgot one thing. They are not the only show in town.

They also forgot that I am an American and have choices. I chose not to play their silly little game and chose to go elsewhere.

While the first place decided to make me jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops to let me give them my money, the second place made it easy for me to give them my money. It's as simple as that. It is my money and I will spend it anywhere I want. If you make it hard for me I'll just take my money elsewhere.

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