Friday, September 21, 2012

shoot the hostage.

RIght now there is a hostage situation going on in downtown Pittsburgh. I heard about it in the physical therapy waiting room.

I glanced up at the tube and commented, "Shoot the hostage."

Of course a couple of women gasped and gave me nasty looks like I was the cruelest person in the world which I am not.

Surprising me, another person looked up thoughtfully. "He gets it," he said. "In places overseas they do just that and as a result there are not anywhere near as many hostage situations as they are here."

"It saves lives in the long run if you make it a 100% no exceptions policy that you don't negotiate in hostage situations," I said.

Of course, Suzy Heartstrings tried to play her ace in the hole and I didn't bite.

"What it the hostage is a 2 year old girl?"

"I suppose the police could save a buck or so by using a .22." I replied.

The guy laughed.

The truth of things is that our so-called kindness costs us in lives on a daily basis.

When you allow the bad guys to get away with something they will simply do it again.

When you let blackmailers get away with it they di it again.

The only way to deal with this is to face it haed on and got it done and over with and deal with the perpetrator harshly and pay the price up front.

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