Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good morning a little late

Which I guess is a good thing because it is better late than never.

I think I finallly trained the cat to use the litter box in the bathroom which means I'll be sharing the head with the cat. It took more doing than training him to take to the leash which reminds me.

I think I'll take Kitty out for a walk today and visit someplace. Maybe the vets as they would appreciate seeing that I have trained the cat to perform seeing eye cat duties.

Most of the people there that used to take care of Tokie are gone and I have a couple of them wound up with my telling them that cats can be trained to be guide animals. This ought to be fun.

Ten bucks bought me a white cane off of eBay and another five snagged a  harness.

A lot of people remember the adventures Tokie and I had when I'd pass him off as a guide animal. We visited all sorts of places together as a team and raised all sorts of hell together.

While this cat isn't Tokie, he's still a pretty good cat.

We'll see what happens this afternoon if I can get back from te business I have to attend to today.


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