Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm just sitting here looking out the window

before I go in for physical therapy which I actually enjoy going to because it gets me out of the house and gives me a little more exercise than I would normally get here even though I do stay active.

Yesterday I had a pretty good recreational fire and managed to burn up a lot of lumber scrap that I will never need. It was a pretty good day and now I have a lot more roomm in the garage. I just went outside and felt the bottom of the firepot and it is still hot so I stirred it up and the coals are still going pretty good.

One of the things I notice from time to time is how much junk people seem to collect and from time to time it is a good thing to get rid of it.

One of the things I got rid of was a huge, 2x2x5 foot blanket chest that was in the house when we moved in.
I was using it to store a couple of nail guns and a small compressor in and it simply took up too much floor space. Already I can see that getting rid of it was a pretty good idea.

Now that I have the garage dejunked, I think I'll move on to the basement. This ought to be good as there is an awful lot of crap in it that ought to just go away. The only problem I see is the actual disposal of the junk as there is a limit to how much trash I can put out at a time. I'm only authorized one of those trash hoppers that they use these days. It's sort of a mini dumpster and while it holds enough for day to day use, it isn't enough for a good fall cleaning.

I think I'll just check up on the dumpster schedule of a couple of local businesses and cut a deal with them and a couple hours before the truck comes I'll stuff my junk into them. Most of the people I know are pretty good and the guys that run a nearby gas station have already OK'd it.

Getting rid of stuff isn't as easy as it used to be and a part of that is that an awful lot of stuff wwe buy these days are throwaways.

The firepot I use is made of cast iron and hasn't burned through yet after over a decade unlike the mild steel ones they sell these days that only last about a season before they burn through and have to be scrapped. The same can be said for a lot of the patio stuff they make these days that rusts, rots or cracks after a few months.

I generally try and buy stuff that lasts because I hate replacing stuff and I hate having to figure out how to get rid of stuff ever since the township got a new trash service.

Right now I figure a lot of Americans are into the buy something, use it a while and junk it and as time goes on we are either going to have to change our habits or be drowned in our own junk.After all, while most of what we used to use would rot or break down, there are an awful lot of plastics and man made materiels that will easily outlast the pyramids of Egypt.

Today I also have to clean kitty's litter box and I will put the used kitty litter in a flat pan I have and put it in the attic because it keeps the chipmunks out. One whiff of cat urine and they simply will not enter.

I gotta go.


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