Friday, September 7, 2012

I just got back from physical therapy

and I got there early. So did the old B-29 flyboy and the first thing he asked me is how I was  going to get the old paratrooper wound up again. I told him I needed a little help and we plotted for a couple of minutes until the old paratrooper came in.  I got up and went over to the spot on the wall where they have little biographies of the threapists.

The paratrooper saw me and said, "You again. The wise guy. How come you are such a pest?"

"It's your own damned fault. Your generation of old bastards raised me," I shot back. "GI Joe came home and was fruitful and multiplied and I am the product of that."

He scowled, the pilot laughed outright and said, "He's right. We did raise him."

I asked the old guys if they had read the biography of our therapist and neither of them had. I started reading them about all the schools she had gone through and her career and so on. When I got to the part it says what they do when they are not working, I ad libbed. "When not working or raising my three children, I sit on the third stool at the Foxtrot and drink gin."

The paratrooper was on his feet like a shot. "It doesn't say that!" and then realized he had been taken. He sat back down and grumbled. "Smart ass," he said.

Then the pilot said something about hearing on the news that a couple of Japanese ham radio operators reported getting a message from a Japanese holdout in New Guinea someplace and thet they are reading a search party on Iwo Jima to go to New Guinea and find him.

The paratrooper went agape and looked at me with amazement.

"If you get caught you'll be in a lot of trouble," he whispered. He turned to the flyboy. "The Japs believed it?"

"They must have," he said. "I guess they are forming a search party on Iwo and are supposed to fly them down to New Guinea."

"Holy mother of God! said the paratrooper Those poor kids! They'll be stumbling through the jungle on a wild goose chase!" Then he started cackling.

The therapist camn in and looked at the three of us. "Now what are you three up to?" she asked. "We can start early. The sooner we start the sooner we're done."

"Just so long as it's the sooner we get started the sooner we leave instead of the sooner we start the longer I have to huff and puff," said the paratrooper. I smirked. Spoken like a former GI.

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