Saturday, September 22, 2012

SO many pictures seem to come into my mind from time to time.

A morning QSO on the rig the other morning netted what I believe to be Tonga.

Probably because of atmospherics the voice on the other end sounded pretty drunk and when realized that I was communicating with what I believed too be Tonga I instantly pictured some Fuzzy Wuzzy type with  Don King hair, wrapped in a colorful sarong of some type sitting in a thatched hut somewhere.  Outside the hut is a spear stuck in the ground.

Outside the hut was a fire next to an upended humongous cast iron pot and next to the fire was the head of the missionary that previously owned the radio in a stick slowly shrinking in the heat as the native that had just had eaten him for lunch sat in the radio shack happily babbling away on 20 meters.

As he finishes off another coconut that had been full of some kind of native hootch, the empty goes whistling out into the fire.

Of course, that is not what likely happened. It was more than likely a fairly well educated guy in a colorful shirt but it was a lot more fun to picture things the other way.

Incidentally I could not find his callsign on any of the ususl registers so I asked on a couple of websites and the consensus is that it is still a bna fide QSO as there are a few countries out there that do not send licensing information into any of the usual places. Incidentally, someone found that a few guys have contacted this guy before.

As one guy put it, likely they probably keep the licensing information on a small pile of 3x5cards in the national building, which also happens to be the post office.

This contact interests me and I am going to try and track him down. I have a letter out to the local radio club. Maybe they know him and can get my contact confirmed.

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