Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have been in physical therapy

 for a few weeks and I have seen about four people there that have had either knee of hip replacements and only one of them is even close to being thin. The thin guy of the lot is thin and muckled his knee in some kind of accident. This is to be expected.

The other three are just plain fat. The polite term is morbidly obese or some such crap but the truth is that they have noone but themselves to blame because they have simply overworked the original equipment the good Lord gave them.

I have a friend that never seems to get it and generally ruins pickup suspensions because he doesn't understand the weight/volume equation. He just keeps figuring that if he can cram his pickup bed full of flowers that there is no reason he can't fill the same bed full of lead ingots.

A couple of years ago we both got a pretty good deal on concrete blocks and we both started loading out trucks. When my springs told me it was time, I stopped loading and commented that it looked like I had three loads. He looked at me like he was thhe smartest guy in the world and kept loading and told me he wasn't going to waste time and besides he had room to get them all.

I left first and was on the way back for my second load when the cell phone went off and sure enough, there he was on the side of the road with a broken spring.

Of course, he blamed General Motors.

It's the same way with the skelatal structure of the human body.

A bone structure designed to carry a 170 pound man is simply going to overstress when you pack 350 pounds onto it. Somethings going to give.

Infantrymen have an awfully high rate of skeletal injuries and I attribute that to all of the crap they carry with them into battle. They most likely suffer more injuries because of it that they sustain bullet of shrapnel injuries in combat, and when they are not either training or in combat they at least get to take all that crap they carry off their backs.

An overweight person is carrying the extra weight 24/7.

No wonder there are so many knee and hip replacements among the obese.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

And, of course, they generally blame McDonalds for it. my other blog is:

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