Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is here.

Yesterday I chopped ip an unused project along with a bunch of other scrap wood and decided to burn it today. I couldn't yesterday because it was too windy. It's that time of year again.

In about three weeks I will have a serious hankering to go out into a hardwood forest with an airline miniature of Jim Beam which is just the thing to enjoy in small quantities outside in the middle of a hardwood forest.

You notice that I specifically said Jim Beam instead of any of the fine top shelf bourbons out there. A walk in a hardwood forest isn't the place for a top shelf bourbon, it's a place for Jim Beam because there is something about Beam that isn't too polished.

If you come along with me please do not bring a top shelf bourbon with you. You'll ruin the whole thing.

I'm sitting here looking out back and thinking thaat just yesterday it was spring and that a doe gave birth to a fawn less than 100 feet from where is sit nice and warm inside. Time passes. It passes quickly.

I think I might do a little hilltopping today as it would be nice to get out into the fall air for a bit and maybe see if I can knock another country of of my DXCC list. A glance at my sheet says I have 71 countries, and it would be nice to snag another one on the PRC 320.

The neighbors are interested in that little project and ask about it from time to time. The guy across the street sometimes checks his post office box to see where I am mailing a QSL card to and I've seen him smile and shake his head.

You may wonder why he is looking at my outgoing mail, and jump to conclusions but even that is a part of a system.

My mailbox is a little up the street and his is directly across the street. I can see his easier than I can see mine. When I toss a piece of outgoing mail in his box and raise the flag it is easier to see and when I look out and see the flag is down I know the postman has come and gone so I can check the mailbox.

Anyway, Happy Sunday morning.

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