Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How I handle election based phone calls

I answered the phone three times today and all three times it was about who I am going to vote for.

There were 2 for Obama and one for Romney. I expressed annoyance at being called at home to the first caller, an Obamaite, and then hung up. I realized then I had missed an opportunity.

A couple hours later someone from Romney's campaign called me and when he asked me if I knew who I was voting for I told him that I hadn't made up my mind yet because it wasn't election day yet.

He asked me why I was waiting until election day to make up my mind.

I explained to him that the campaign people were going to be the ones that made up my mind because I was going to vote for the one that causes me the least aggravation. I was planning on voting for the person whose campaign people called me the least. He asked me what I meant and I explained to him that I had a sheet of paper next to the phone and I keep track of the campaign calls. The candidate I get the fewest calls from gets my vote.

"RIght now it's a tie. This call tied the score up." I said. "The best way to get my vote for Romney is not to call me anymore because I'm pretty sure a member of Obama's campaign will call me up by the end of the day."

A couple of hours later the phone rang again and it was an Obama supporter that asked me the same questions the Romney supporter did and I told him the same thing I told the Romney guy. I told him the score was tied but not to worry beecause it was likely a Romney supporter would call shortly.

It's not too likely that the phone will go silent but maybe this tactic will minimize the calls because it seems that maybe the people that call me probably won't call me twice.

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