Saturday, December 14, 2013

Back when I was young and bullet proof I stayed clear of the drug scene

 but not for the reason you would think.

I wasn't afraid of addiction, effects on health and the usual list of things people have to say about the illegal use of drugs because I waas young and bullet proof.

i stayed away from the scene because I watched it and quickly discovered the fact that people in the drug scene seemed to have a whole lot more non drug related problems than those that steered clear.

The beatings and rip-offs I saw in my youth always seemed to happen a lot more often to those that were involved in the drug scene. I saw people that were involved in the drug scene were constantly being burglarized, generally for drugs and they had no recourse but to retaliate outside of the law.

How do you think it would go over at the police station when you report your residence being broken into and having a pound of cocaine stolen?

Of course, money played into it and there were all sorts of rip offs and double dealing that seemed to put the small time dealers into trouble of one kind or another.

I had an acquaintance back in the day that decided to get rich quick by buying up $10,000 worth of cocaine in Anchorage once. He stuffed $10K into his pocket and hopped on the plane for Anchorage. A couple days later word got back to Anchorage that he had been dound dead there. Needless to say, his money was gone.

In short, I saw that those involved in drugs simply didn't live as well (or as long) as the people that steered clear of it did.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I steered clear of the drug scene.

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