Monday, December 2, 2013

More mischief.

The day after Thanksgiving I set up the PRC 320 and started fielding calls from guys that are in a shooter/ham forum I am a member of. I used my callsign and added 'guerrilla portable' to it so the guys would know I was not home and running portable.

When asked where I was set up I simply replied 'behind enemy lines' or 'in occupied territory'. The guys that are part of the forum knew that meant I was likely in Massachusetts. They also knew they'd find out when I sent them a QSL card because I'd list it there.

There was another check-in that checked in with me and I didn't recognize his call sign but fielded the call anyway. As a ham I'm pretty friendly. Sure, why not. So I took the call.

When he asked me where I was I told him the same thing I told the other guys. I told him it was classified and I knew he was dying to find out. Apparently he's a reasonably new ham.

Later after I broke down I went back on line to the forum and one of the guys said that newbie was babbling incoherently on another frequency that he had just intercepted a communication between secret agents or some thing or another kind of special ops group working behind enemy lines.

I'm going to have fun with this guy. In addition to a QSL card he's getting a letter. I suppose that at first he's going to be pretty concerned because it will be written on some pretty official looking stationary.

As he reads on he'll get a little confused and when he gets near the bottom he'll be laughing himself silly.


1. On 29 Nov 2013 at 2210Z on 18.141 Mhz you intercepted a classified radio communication between KB3XXX and other Joint Anti Piracy Task Force members. Your signal was 5x5.

2. It is requested by the JAPTF that you do not tell anyone anything regarding this secret communication as it is highly classified.

3. The JAPTF is a highly secret organization af radio amateurs. You will not find us in any state or federal register. You will not find the address on Google Earth. It is so secret that even the members do not know who we are.

4. The JAPTF has connections with, but is entirely seperate of, The Moose and Squirrel net and shares the common goal of protecting Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle T. Moose, both of Frostbite Falls, Mn.

5. If you are not working on an award such as Worked All States (WAS) please simply accept the QSL card with a classified QTH. Few hams have a QSL card with a QTH listed as 'classified'.

6. If you are working toward an award and need QSL from either MA, NY, NJ, MD or CA please email me and let me know which one you need. While I can not give you classified information such as where KB3XXX was operating behind enemy lines, it is permissable to tell you where KB3XXX was NOT operating.  You are authorized to figure it out.

7. If you are in need of QSL card confirmation for an award I will, upon request, send you a letter addressed  'EYES ONLY ARRL CARD CHECKER'. This letter will be sealed. Breaking of the seal is forbidden. Breaking the seal by anyone other than the card checker renders the letter null and void. This letter will reveal to the card checker the QTH of the clandestine contact you intercepted.

8. In the event you are having problems with neighbors or petty city officials over antennas and false accusations of interference please feel free to contact the JAPTF through KB3XXX and we will render assistance. We specialize in this sort of thing.

The JAPTF was formed a while back. It is a non entity and is nothing more than a couple of hams that were having problems with neighbors griping about antennas or non existent radio interference. The JAPTF is nothing more than an official letterhead used to write official looking documents to get neighbors off a ham's back.

I still have some of the stationary and I think this is a pretty good cause.

Ham radio precludes any mean or cruel behavior and I am not a mean or cruel person. Still, there is room there for a little good natured mischief.  

This guy will end likely up with a QSL that he'll be pretty proud of after he gets over the initial feelings of foolishness.

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