Sunday, December 1, 2013

Do it and shut up about it.

Yesterday I came home to a pile of mail. 

There were a bunch of QSL cards and QSL card requests, all of which I have already answered and are awaiting the postman tomorrow. Five of the QSL cards were from entities I did not have confirmed which was pretty neat.

One of the cards was from a Greenland DXpedition consisting of 5 women from 5 different countries and none of these women were spring chickens. 

The QSL card had their pictures on it and it looks to me like the youngest of the five was in her fifties and someone mentioned that one of the woman was pushing 70 but that is unconfirmed. I would not be surprised.

The older women made almost 6000 QSOs and worked 93 countries which ain't bad for a bunch of grandmother aged women.

So today on the morning gnus I have to listen to some college aged braided armpitted little chickie blathering about this and that and how she was the first woman in the entire planet to cross the street in front of some school without having road guards posted. (it was something stupid. I wasn't paying attention.) She was carrying on about this and that and this great victory for women.

I wish these idiots would shut the hell up and take heed of the example of five women of grandmother age and just shut the hell up and do whatever they set out to do without any bull$hit or fanfare. 

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