Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This chick gets it.

This chick gets it.

Watch all of her videos. She's pretty much spot on.

Over the years I have been somewhat of an outlaw, myself.

I have tried to live responsibly and do the right thing but when the law has prohibited me from doing this I have simply either sidestepped it, bent it or outright broken it from time to time.

Truth is, Ronald Reagan was right when he said government wasn't the solution, it was the problem.

Look at what Josie has said to policemen and I can say that the reason I haven't gotten into any real trouble is because I have had the dumb luck to have been caught by policemen that knew why they were there and what their job really was. I'm grateful for that.

Several years ago we had a ground hog problem in the neighborhood and I was called on to eliminate a couple. Oddly enough the person that finally asked me was a tree hugger. 

It's funny because when it is YOUR property that is being damaged it is a whole lot different than someone else's. When it's YOUR property you want the critters dead, yet when it's someone else's you defend the critter.

Anyway, they suggested I use a .22 because they were under the impression it was safe. Any rifle fire in a residential neighborhood is dangerous, yet I deemed a .22 as unreliable for the job as ground hogs are incredibly tough.

What I did was to bait in front of a huge dirt mound and wait. When he came to the bait I fired on him with a service rifle and the bullet passed through him and dug into the soft earth behind him safely.

It was illegal then and is illegal now and likely today I would not do it. Still, I was responsible and made sure nobody was hurt.

Recently I was in Massachusetts with my PRC 320 and slingshot. I was informed that a slingshot is illegal there. Boo-Ha!

Tell someone that cares. Common sense says that a slingshot with a fishing reel under it is an antenna launcher and not a weapon. 

When someone said something to me I wryly told them to call the cops and have them meet me at the base of a gas ball. I would be at the top of it shouting "Top of the world, Ma! I made it to the top of the world!"

Then I explained to the idiot that six months in jail would be pretty good right about now as I could use the time to get a few expensive surgeries done on HIS nickel while I sat in the can watching the tube while he busted his ass at work paying taxes to pay for me.

He walked off in a huff.

The law is stupid and I simply won't obey it. I'll just be a little more cagey and hide my goods a little better. When a state disallows the use of a re-purposed child's toy for legitimate purposes things have gone too far.

It should be noted that when I put up an antenna in MY yard (2 states away) I used a grenade launcher and an inert rifle grenade and nobody said anything. In fact a couple of neighbors thought it was funny.

Truth is we need a certain amount of government because there are too damned many irresponsible people out there but the amount of government we need is a whole lot less than what we have.

One thing about politicians is that in any group of people there is always one that wants to tell everyone else what to do. The judge their importance by how many people they get to boss around.

I remember it well when I briefly drove a cab. One of the guys was supposed to be the dispatcher and there were a couple of guys that vied for the position, and generally they had an agenda. Most politicians of any level have agendas. Few of them liked me very much because I didn't play well with them. I sounded off and insured that nobody got cheated out of good runs.

The owner monitored the radio and it wasn't long before he appointed ME as dispatcher and I promptly upset the apple cart and was hated by about half the guys and loved by the other half.

I hated dispatching, but did it because someone had to.

Politicians are different. They live to be able to tell people what to do.

Truth is the way things are, politicians are not held responsible for their actions. It's a shame that tar and feathers have fallen out of the vogue.

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