Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am NOT a Republican.

I hate it when people call me a Republican because I am not. The Republican party as it is now just out and out sucks. Truth is we have two parties in this country and they both suck. We have the party of the fat, rich old guys and the party of the low-lifes.

I am closer to an Old School hard nosed Libertarian. 

I expect the government to leave me alone and I don't think they should do things for people that they can and should do for themselves. People should take care of themselves.

The less the government does for the individual the more they do for themselves and the better off we all are.

I want my freedom and the rights and responsibility that go with it. I don't want the government telling me who I can and can't marry and I don't care who marries who unless one of the parties doesn't want the marriage.

If someone wants to marry a consenting halibut that's fine by me. Truth is, I think the government should not even be in the marriage business but should simply grant civil unions. Want to get married? Go see the preacher.

I believe that the government should do just a few basic things. 

They should defend the beaches, keep Americans safe by enabling them to take care of themselves, defend the Constitution, take responsibility for the Interstate highways and other transportation and inland rivers and a few other basic things that can't be done by the states alone. 

They should also print an honest currency based on either gold or silver. A dollar saved when someone is twenty should be worth about a dollar when the person turns 80.

I believe people are resposible for themselves and it isn't the job of the feds to hand out money, food stamps, telephones and the like. That's the business of the states or the individual counties or states if they choose to do things like this.

It is not the duty of government to insure a basic standard of living, It is the duty of the individual to create his own standard of living. If his municipality, county or state wants to pitch in, fine. It's just not the job of the feds.

I don't believe in subsidies, bailouts, price controls, wage controls or things like that. Let the market decide. If someone is scalping tickets that's fine by me, It's a simple business transaction with a willing seller or and a willing buyer. There's nothing unfair about it.

Given my choice about half the federal agencies would be abolished. The Department of Education is an example. It does little or nothing but cost us money. Education should be handled on a local level.

Yes, I believe some children ARE going to be left behind. Sorry about that.

I believe that gambling and prostitution should be legal because that's a private deal between individuals if nobody is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

I believe all government programs, jobs, etc should be open to everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, color, sexuality or national origin and that all job awards, promotions, etc should be based only on merit with no racial quotas or set-asides.

I also believe that a private business owner should be permitted to either do or not do busineess with whoever he chooses. On the other hand, if he decides to refuse to do business with someone based on race, religion whatever he likely isn't going to get any business from me.

I also believe banks should have the right to loan money strictly on the ability of the borrower to pay it back. 

I don't believe it is the job of government to get involved in the reproductive freedom of anyone. If a guy want's to get a vascectomy it's his choice. If a woman want's to terminate a pregnancy it is between her, her physician and her maker. It's as simple as that.

I believe parents are accountable for the public behavior of their kids and while I am no fan of abuse and beatings I have no problem with corporal punishment, used judiciously.

I believe that there are problems that do not have solutions and that when people try and solve one claiming 'we have to do something' they are wasting time and money and very likely costing someone their rights. If you don't have a workable solution for a problem then either find one or leave it alone until you do.

I believe in the bill of rights and I am a dogged defender or the Second Amendment which gives the people the final say in their government. Seeing the courts have decided that the police are not responsible to protect us and we're responsible for our own defense, I think the government has no say whatsoever in what small arms I choose for personal defense.

If attacked I will defend myself. If my neighbors are worthwhile, I will defend them. If they are not worthwhile I will likely bet $20 on who the winner will be. Any takers? Twenty bucks says the jerk five doors down gets his ass beat by the thug in the hoodie. Let Sarah Brady help him.

I think that those that choose not to own a firearm are fools but have a right to be fools. In fact, I will support your right to make stupid decisions just so long as they do me no harm. 

I believe the further down the chain something is, the more likely it is to be successful at doing what it was intended to do. Schools are a good example. Good schools draw successful people and successful people make successful neighborhoods and towns. If you want good schools, get after your municipality or county. It's easier to boot a lousy school committee member out at a municipal level than a federal level.

Ever try throw a federal official out? Ha! Fat chance! On the other hand I have watched any number of local politicians get thrown out on their asses.

I believe it is the right of the state or community to tar and feather elected officials that don't keep their election promises. We haven't done that in years and if we started again the quality and honesty of our politicians would go up like a skyrocket.

I don't believe in punishing the majority for the irresponsibility of a few. I believe in punishing the guilty. 

And No. I did NOT bring gum for everybody. If others want gum they can buy their own.

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