Thursday, December 5, 2013

Right now I am up early looking at what I have to do today

Which isn't a whole lot.

I've got to go to the bank and shuffle a couple of things, then i have to pick up a set of sling swivels for a shooting project and that's about it.

I suppose that there's some cleaning here and a few other odds and ends so I'll have time to chase Christmas Island, where there is a DXpedition and I can get the entity into my log. 

As I sit here I was  monitoring a station in St. Lucia. I heard a little activity under the ground floor noise and I started typing. A minute later he popped up clear as a bell and I bagged him with a 5x9 signal.

As soon as I got him he went back under the mud and I can't hear him. Very strange.

As I age I find I do not sleep as much as I did when I was a growing boy of 59 years old. I used to sleep a little more and when I would wake up I would be ravenous and would chow right down.

Now I have to be up a while before I can eat anything.

This morning it will be a couple of waffles.

Anyway, I have noticed that one of my classmates seems the have an in for rich white men whom he considers to be evil.

Interesting. I have never been offered a job by a poor man.

I also have news for him as far as things go. In the financial world there really isn't a whole lot of racism. CEOs, CFOs and things like that are hired strictly on the basis of competence and their ability to make money.

Herman Cain is one of these and has managed to do quite well. He ran for president but allegations of getting grabby with women ended his campaign. That's another issue in itself.

The point is that there really isn't a whole lot of racism when it comes to competence. If you are competent and drive you can do well for yourself.

The argument really boils down to money.

If you are a stockholder in a company and someone comes along with a track record of making companies more valuable that happens to be a gay, black, Jewish, part Native American drag queen then guess who the next CEO is going to be?

Nobody cares what color a man is at that level of management and there is no evil conspiracy to keep someone out of the circles because of race. Why would there be a conspiracy to keep someone out that is competent? It makes no sense. There is too much money at stake.

The truth is that if you follow the money you can figure out an awful lot of things in life. You learn that at the higher levels that racism is a thing of the past.

Meanwhile down the chain a little more one can simply see that racism is a pretty big issue and that there are a lot of blacks that are kept down in shackles and in fear of the lash.

The shackles are the golden handcuffs of welfare and the lash is the fear of having it taken away from them.

The people that support this are most likely racist themselves because they don't seem to have faith in blacks to be able to take care of themselves.

On the other hand, I suppose that the people keeping the black man down at that level have some kind of agenda. Maybe they don't want blacks to be successful enough to move into their neighborhoods or something.

Still, the part that cracks me up is that some of them do move into the neighborhood because of Section 8. That makes me laugh.

You keep people in the golden handcuffs of welfare to keep them unsuccessful so they can't move into your neighborhood and  suddenly a house goes Section 8 and instead of a successful black family moving next door you get the deadbeats you were trying to avoid.

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