Sunday, December 15, 2013

We're wasting an awful lot of talent in this country

 because we demotivate people.

Our social welfare programs are a pretty good source of demotivation when you look at it. Maybe there is another Bill Gates or Tom Edison sitting on his or her ass in the ghetto somewhere just getting by on the government tit. If they were forced off of government aid they just might blossom.

There they sit, shackled in the golden handcuffs of welfare, cringing in fear of the lash of losing benefits.

How about if we try a social experiment of another type and eliminate the programs and put these people on their own to take care of themselves. In a first world country asking someone to feed, clothe and shelter themselves isn't too much to ask for.

While I suppose the fear of losing a basic lifestyle at the expense of the productive is something to think of, once the people riding the gravy train are booted off their fears will be realized and they will likely start looking for ways to take care of themself.

We can do this simply by reducing benefits slowly until they simply disappear. Weaning them off of the government tit, so to speak.

It won't take long for most of these people to get motivated to start taking care of themselves.They simply will have no choice. They will start to becoming productive. They'll find something to do and a way to take care of themselves. 

One thing that is likely to start happening is that out of wedlock births will decrease because it will be the responsibility of the parents to support them. You can also bet that of those that do occur, the mothers will start to demand that the fathers cough up some kind of support.

Another thing that will start to happen is a return to the basic family values whereby family members start to learn to take care of each other. Since the inception of the Great Society programs the family as a unit seems to have broken down.

 Some will likely become successful and do quite well once they figure out how the system works. Others will become quite successful. Yet others won't do quite so well, but because they have to produce they will find a way to get by.

This puts fear in the hearts of some because they don't think that people can take care of themselves. I'm different. I know that just about everyone can if they try.

Liberals are starting to say that welfare is corporate welfare. I won't argue it either way but if the welfare system was weaned off than what is likely to happen is that people stuck in dead end jobs will bust their asses to find something better.

They will develop skills that make themselves more valuable and we'll be better off. The dead end jobs will either have to face a constant turnover or increase wages. Either that or they will likely be a source of employment to young people which is what they used to be. We can sure use entry level jobs for young people as a place to give them a work ethic.

The beginnings of this are likely to get pretty ugly, but we might as well get started and get the pain over with as soon as we can because things are not going to get easier.

It's like having to do therapy after a back operation. You have to do the therapy if you ever want to walk again and the therapy hurts like hell. I know of two people that had similar back operations. One of the two went through months of painful therapy aid is now fine. The other didn't do the therapy and was pretty much crippled for the rest of his life.

The deeper and deeper we get into debt the sooner a major crash is going to emerge and then everyone will be in trouble.

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