Sunday, December 8, 2013

Well, it looks like actions have consequences.

Beretta, a firearms company that has a number of government contracts has been offered a pretty good sweetheart deal to move out of the state of Maryland and likely will. They'll be taking with them quite a number of jobs and creating a lot of wealth. The usual small businesses will see an improvement in business.

But wait, there's MORE.

Remington Arms of Ilion, New York has been mentioned as another company moving south to Georgia. Likely it's in response to the SAFE act but they also cite taxes and unions as reasons. I think the SAFE act cinched it, though.

Both of these fine arms makers will be taking with them a lot of jobs and leaving a number Marylanders and New Yorkers jobless. It would not surprise me to see Ilion, NY turn into a hellhole quite quickly.

Another business,, a well known shooter's website has already pulled out and moved to Texas. They're not payiing taxes to New York anymore. While I have no idea what New York was getting from them I'd bet it was fairly substantial.

It's also going to do more than just displace factory workers. It's going to hurt an awful lot of local businesses and likely hit them pretty hard.

People are not going to be buying gas to get to work because there will be no work to go to and the diner that generally dwells near factory entrances is probably going to suffer and maybe even fold up.

Of course, poverty will increase and there will be the usual violence that breeds with it. Most liberals agree that poverty is a big source of violence. I would tend to agree that poorer people tend to get violent a lot more often than people that are too busy working and producing something.

Expect more trouble in Ilion if/when Remington does head south. Of course, with the tax base hurt it's likely there won't be additional police hired to combat this increase.

Same holds true in the Accokeek, MD area. Likely that area will make a slump, too. Beretta employees contribute to the local economy. Looking at the map of MD it looks like losing Beretta is going to put a pretty good dent in the county it is located in. 

While neither of these deals has been put on paper and signed yet, it makes sense to look at the inintended consequences of the laws enacted that drove these two companies to even consider it.

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  1. Sadly, Remington will not be moving, yet. They were awarded a $80 million contract for 5,150 sniper rifles and 4.6 million rounds of ammo. Although they are based here in NC(Madison), I don't foresee them leaving Ilion unless they are pawned off on some unsuspecting buyer. Thumbs up to Beretta, for putting principle before profits.