Friday, March 13, 2015

Ah, yes. Good weather ahead.

The weather seems to have broken, thank you very much!

It is time to run the snow machine out of gas and change the oil in it and park it.

I took a look at the way-back yesterday and it looks pretty good. Last fall I leveled it and the winter seems to have eaten up any of the stuff that was ground up and left to rot. Looking at it left me with a peaceful feeling.

There's a pine tree that likely will fall soon, though. That means I had better get the chain saw up and running.

When the snow melted in the front and back yards it exposed piles of dirt, products of moles. What was interesting is that there was no mole damage inside the radius of the windmill I set up last summer.

Last summer I picked up a little windmill from Harbor Freight and set it up near the air conditioning unit. There's some kind of a mechanism in it that creates a vibration that moles supposedly do not like. It seems to have worked like a charm and I'd like to get a few more of them.

I'm not one of those lawn worshipers, but it would be nice to not have to undo mole created dirt piles in the spring.

I think that I am going to plant my annuals from seeds this year as an old high school classmate, now a farmer of sorts, has told me that a lot of commercially grown annuals are bad for bees and butterflies.

We'll see what spring brings us.

Incidentally the deer seem to have done well this past winter. I'll bet you there is a fawn born on the hill fifty feet from where I now sit as there has been for the past several years. 

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