Tuesday, March 24, 2015

There are people you just like to run into every so often.

It may be the guy at the hardware store or the woman behind the coffee counter but just running into them from time to time makes your life a little nicer.

The guy at the local hardware store is one of those people that I generally learn something from. He explains things to me that make the job I am doing go easier. He's also a pretty neat guy.

Then there's the woman at the deli counter. She always has something nice to say. Once she gets to know you she has a pretty outrageous sense of humor.

The guy that runs the electronic department at Target is pretty interesting. He always has something interesting to say. I think Target is a retirement gig for him, actually.

Some of them you see fairly often, some seldom. When I go to Camp Perry which I seem to do every year I meet a bunch of people I like to see.

Some of them are work-related, too. There are a handful of old time dockmen I alway like to run into. Most of these guys are the old pros that know how to get things done with less time and effort that the newer guys.

Of course, there are a collection of jerks out there but they are outnumbered by the good guys but let's put the jerks aside.

One of the things that make life worth living is people.

This post is dedicated to the good ones that make life worth living.

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