Friday, March 27, 2015

I have to change oils

 in machinery periodically and I have learned a pretty slick trick.

Common lore says that the oil runs better when it is still hot and that is true. Hot oil flows faster.

Still, on some machines I wait a while until the oil cools down. For one thing it contracts when it cools and doesn't make as much of a mess when you pull the oil filter off. For another thing you don't have to worry about getting burned by hot oil.

Most drain plugs are big enough so that even cold oil will flow fairly rapidly. The loss in time there is overcompensated for by not making a mess or getting burned.

Generally I let the machine sit a while but this time I wanted to get the job done before I ended my day. I let the temperature drop to about 100 degrees and everything came out fine.

During this past winter I would let it drop to maybe 40 degrees and everything worked out fine.

Like a lot of things in life sometimes being in a hurry isn't the way to go.  

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