Saturday, March 28, 2015

All laws should sunset after ten or fifteen years

All of them.

When the law is due to sunset it can be reviewed and a decision can be made to either renew it or let it just die off.

An example of this is the Clinton (so-called) assault weapon ban. It was enacted with a sunset clause. Ten years after it was enacted it became automatically null and void.

Congress looked at the results and saw that the law wasn't doing anybody any good so they just didn't renew it. Apparently the number of drive-by bayonettings didn't drop off any. 

There are a lot of laws on the books that are really useless and serve no purpose except for to take up space and paper and annoy people.

This isn't just a federal thing, the states are chock full of laws that should have been repealed decades ago. Some of them are ridiculous.

On a state level the laws that are still on the books are insane. Many of these are so-called 'Blue Laws'. In one state it is illegal to take a bath on Sunday. Somewhere else throwing a pair of cargo pants on to mow the lawn on Sunday can get you fined because it is illegal to wear a pair of pants with pockets big enough to hold a pint bottle.

Some of these laws have been on the books since the Pilgrims stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock. Many of them no longer even make sense.

There really is no reason having a law on the books making it illegal to ride a horse backwards past a cemetery at midnight.

Incidentally many of these laws were sidestepped shortly after they were enacted. One law prohibited eating ice cream cones on Sunday. As a result ice cream parlors started serving ice cream in dishes. It started to be referred to as the Sunday. This was later changed to what people today call the sundae.

If a law is worth keeping it is worth reviewing every decade or so to see if it still is earning its place on the books.

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  1. Perhaps more important is that all politicians at all levels expire and not rotate.

    We don't need leaders who can't survive except at the teat of the public purse.

  2. Politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reasons.