Monday, March 23, 2015

Sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet.

One of the guys just climbed a tree and tied a rope to somewhere near the top to use for an antenna. He figured he'd tie the rope to one end of the antenna and the other end of the antenna would be lifted by another rope  he threw over the branch of another tree.

Problem is the antenna is a bit too long and he can't get it lifted properly.

Of course, the prospect of climbing the tree isn't too inviting.  As so many of us are inclined to do he started engineering a way to get around having to climb the tree again.

It doesn't take a lot before things get out of hand and one is doing several times the work than simply re-climbing the tree.

It sounds to me like he should have climbed the tree and installed a plastic laundry pulley with a piece of 550 paracord reeved through it and tied the pulley to the top of the tree in the first place. 

Still, rather than engineering and re-engineering things it would be a lot easier to just bite the bullet and climb the tree and do it right. 

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