Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I have a liberal friend that I have known for fifty years

 and we disagree on just about everything which is fine, I suppose.

There is one thing we do both agree on, though. It's a person's right to know what's in a package of whatever food you are buying.

There are a lot of genetically modified food products out there and laws requiring them to be labeled as such are far and few between. The big boys in the corporate offices are generally doing a fine job of paying off politicians to keep the labeling requirement off the books.

I am not a scientist by a long shot. I certainly am not a biologist. I took a high school course in biology that consisted of cutting up a couple of dead frogs and learning to use punnet squares to figure out the liklihood of having a three-headed kid. That's about it.

Still, I can't help but wonder if the allergies and things I never saw back in my day are not the result or even partial result of eating genetically modified foodstuffs.

Either way, we as a people have a right to know what is in our chow. 

I can see genetically modifying crops to allow them to grow in, for example, arid lands as a way to feed starving people in the plains of Africa. Many of those people simply need something to eat.

What I can't see is modifying a crop just to be able to get a marginally better yield. American agri-manufacturers are efficient enough as it is.

Liberals and many others are upset, and often rightfully so, that our democratic process has been stifled by big money. Resistance to truth in labeling laws is one classic example of this.

I certinly do not think that genetically modified foods should be banned. I am pretty pro-choice on most things and what you eat is your business. 

I simply think we have a right to know so we can make out own choices.

That being said, I see that my grease level is down and a double bacon cheese burger sounds pretty good about now. I want it made with Velveeta cheese. After all, it's my choice and if I want to eat junk that's my business.

I also have a right to know when I'm eating junk.

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