Monday, March 16, 2015

Well, it's time to do the daily post

and I am facing a block of sorts but will get over it in about a second or two. Let's see here....How about something from my recent emails.

About a week ago I was looking at a DX cluster and saw in the list of upcoming events that a ham was headed to the Kingdom of Tonga to set up there for a few days.

I have Tonga in my log but it is unconfirmed. I sent this Japanese ham an email asking him to look into this if he had any spare time and also to keep his ears open for my call sign.

Propagation has been lousy for me lately and was never able to work him. As I write he's now in New Zealand and probably headed back to Japan. He could find nothing about my previous QSO with a Tongan. Possibly it was a pirate but who knows.

Still, I like this hobby because just about everyone involved is pretty good about trying to help another ham out.

It's pretty cool when you can email someone that you have never met that lives abroad and help you out.

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