Thursday, October 1, 2015

As usual, the kid gets it and the mother flips out.

I got a call from a young man yesterday. He wanted to cash in a favor and needed a ride to make it someplace on time. Apparently his mother was running late.

Unfortunately I was miles away and likely wouldn't be there on time. However, I was inspired. "Where are you?" I asked.

He told me.

"That's about a block from the police station," I said. "Walk down to the police station. The woman behind the desk is Phyllis. Say hello to her for me."

"You mean  the police will give me a ride?" he asked.

"No, and don't ask them to." I replied. "Tell Phyllis I said 'hello'. I've known her for years. Then have her call you mother and ask her to pick you up at the police station. Tell Phyllis that when your mom asks what is going on to say 'Nothing too serious. He's not being charged with a major felony.'"

He later reported to me that his mother was there in less than ten minutes and he made his meeting.

It's a part of an old man's job to teach the young guys a few tricks here and there.

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