Thursday, October 8, 2015

The cat is still there being a pest

which is what cats do.

Mine does a pretty good job of it which is fine. It's good seeing an animal doing their job.

The other day I saw a husky pulling a wagon and the animal loved it. Huskies are bred to do this and love to. 

Enter the dip $hit do-gooders and PETA types. 

I asked the owners, a young couple, about this and they reported to me that letting the animal pull the wagon draws comments from the do-good set every so often. They think it's cruel and have chastised the owners a couple of times.

Typical of the do-good set. Most of which don't have a clue. Many are so dumb that they really believed Tokie was a real seeing-eye cat.

For those that don't know, I had a cat that would walk with me on a leash. I'd take him anywhere simply by putting on sunglasses and carrying a white cane.

The same fools that likely give the owner of the husky a bad time for letting it pull a cart were likely the same dummies that really believed Tokie was a guide animal.

This country would be better off if people tried to learn a few things first before they went charging out there trying to change the world.

As for the cat being a pest?

He's just doing his job.

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